Thursday, November 5, 2009

New generation carbon fiber composite leaf springs for improved suspension

Advantages of ARC Composite carbon fiber leaf spring suspension:

1) Specifically made to give effects like Air Suspension with out any extra external energy(Fuel)

2) No permanent deformation hence no re-cambering, thus no maintenance.

3) Minimum wear and tear of body parts and tyre due to delicate tendency of absorbing road shocks, jerks and vibrations.

4) Softer ride, Lower noise level, excellent stability due to better damping characteristics.

5) Excellent corrosion resistance against atmospheric pollutants.

6) Five times stronger than conventional metal leaf springs.

7) Fully interchangeable with the conventional spring without any modifications.

8) Increase in fuel efficiency due to better aerodynamics and around 60% weight reduction.

9) No cracking sound since mono leaf and hence no inter-leaf friction and no greasing required.

10) Fatigue life 1 million cycles as compared to only 2 lacs for the metal leaf springs. ( ARAI tested)

NOTE:- Highest Tolerable Vibration for Human body is 1.5 hertz (As per International standards)

Metal Leaf Spring— 1.10 Hz

ARC Leaf Spring — 0.35 Hz

These ARC composite leaf springs can be installed to Mahindra Scorpio, Bolero,MM540/550, CJ3B, Invader

Ford Endeavour, Maruti Gypsy, Maruti 800, Maruti Van, Toyota- Quallis, Tavera and many other models.

We are the only manufacturers of composite leaf spring in Asia and we are offering 1 LAC Kms. Warrantee OR 1 year minimum on our product. Provided our product can withstand minimum 5 to 8 LAC Kms. as per our studies for last 23 years. Our ARC leafs have been already tested at ARAI Pune for Fatigue life tests. If you have any questions you may call to the undersigned.

Contact Us:

Tushar Pawar

09960809010/ 9011022861

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